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Terror in TeleAdhesivo Vinyl

In TeleAdhesivo we have decorative vinyl for all tastes and of all colors (and sizes!). Today I want to talk about a topic that is always fashionable, although depending on the television and the cinema, the details vary. He is the fear of terror… that all draws us somewhat but each of forms and different tolerances. And it is that a good movie of fear on TV with popcorn and blanket is a winter whacked. Continue reading Terror in TeleAdhesivo Vinyl

5 Ideas For Decorating Homes with High Ceilings

Inherit, rent, reform… There are many possibilities that can lead us to live in a nice house or flat with high ceilings, but how to face time to furnish and decorate while in a balanced way, or leave too much empty space or come to saturate? Today I commented 5 proposals that can help you at the time of choosing which items will be part of our endless four walls. Continue reading 5 Ideas For Decorating Homes with High Ceilings