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The Maxi Earrings Are Back!

The maxi earrings are back with everything after a long reign of long necklaces from the catwalks of international fashion week! If you’ve missed the most democratic of all accessory, you can bet the maxi earrings to brighten its looks at the next station and even retire the spinning rims or light point rings. In fact, the rings are still high, but they have to be very large or with metal pendants to give a touch more, see?! Continue reading The Maxi Earrings Are Back!

Tips for Buying Jewelry

The jewels have always been present in our daily lives, but did you know that the origin of these pieces come from many generations before ours? In Latin, means “jewel” what fun “, and that is why she is so present in the daily lives of people, especially for women.

Time to compose a visual, the question is: which gem combines more? And that’s why we’re here today! We will give tips on how to choose the right jewelry for every occasion! The Mission of buying jewellery will be much easier with our tips! Come with us! Continue reading Tips for Buying Jewelry

The 3 Most Delicate Earrings Styles Of Our Showroom

Hello! Today we’ll talk about the niceties of our showroom. Are charming and vital suuper earrings in jewelry box, besides being perfect in any occasion. Small earrings are discrete and bring smoothness to visual, because always refer the romanticism. Both on our website and in the showroom you can find several models of earrings […]

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Cheap Citrine Jewelry

Citrines are quartz family and have the hardness of 7. The name of this gem comes from the Latin citrus = lemon, indicating the pale yellow color, which reminds each one of a fresh lemon. The colors of the citrine go from light, pale yellow to pale green to orange to light brown. It is clear and transparent. The beautiful color is replaced by hot temperatures, high pressure and mixtures of manganese, iron hydroxide (causes the citrine from yellow to brown- orange) and titanium. Also this stone specifies properties such as eternal life. Of course you will find genuine silver jewelry and gold jewelry collections with citrines. The branded jewelry designers use colors and stones in your gemstone collections.

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Introduction to Diamond Jewellery

The diamond, the king of the gemstones, it sparkles and shines like no other in the world. Most likely it is in white and flawless quality. It is the hardest and most precious stone in the world. The diamond is also said to have healing properties. It can help eliminate impurities in coronary arteries as well as on kidneys and also be considered to be guardians of the clear thought. Most important for the quality assessment of the diamond are 4C’s carat weight, clarity = clarity, color = color, cut = cut.

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