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Fashion Casual Summer Dresses

The models of casual summer dresses are indispensable in the wardrobe of modern women, and today there are so many models that even ends up generating doubts when choosing, because they are really beautiful options, and bring a lot of creativity. And the dresses are the best way for a woman to feel beautiful, elegant and charming. Continue reading Fashion Casual Summer Dresses

Bras of the Nymph of the Rule of the Game

Check out the Bras worn by Nymph, Roberta Rodrigues-is it a trend?

Nymph, character actress Roberta Rodrigues in the rules of the game, makes the bra a part of your day-to-day wardrobe, is your trademark. But this is fiction … or is it a picture of reality? There is a reality that is specific to each style of dress? Let’s talk a little more about it. Continue reading Bras of the Nymph of the Rule of the Game

Graduation Dresses 2018 Shorts

Pictures of Short Graduation Dresses

It was the time when only long dresses were worn when the subject was graduation, today there is no longer that, today women can use and abuse long, medium and short dresses because everyone is fashionable and everyone is elegant, so be sure to check out the models of Short Graduation Dresses we brought, each model more beautiful than the other. Continue reading Graduation Dresses 2018 Shorts

How to Wear Gorgeous Retro Dress and the Old Fashioned

If you are wondering How to Wear Retro Dresses,it is important to keep an eye on fashion trends, to decide on what suits your style, style, and taste the most.

These models that have been used extensively in the past decades as 20, 40, 50, 60, and others, are elegant models and incredible good taste that enchant many modern women. Continue reading How to Wear Gorgeous Retro Dress and the Old Fashioned

How to Dress Like the Clueless

In Brazil it is called “perky” to those girls who give a lot of the image and are always very well tidy. As teenagers clueless often be the popular girls of the school, vain and consumerist, while in adulthood they are associated with socialites, participating in important events and festivals, always with an impeccable image. It can be said that the clueless are the typical vain girls, because they greatly value the appearance and everything that it includes, from clothing, through makeup and hair. If you are a fan of this style, continue reading this article umComo.com.br, in which we give you the essential tips to know how to dress like the clueless! Continue reading How to Dress Like the Clueless

Velvet Shirts

When the temperature cools, it is good to be in a warm, comfortable and at the same time off-the-cuff clothing. So is the velvet. The fabric is making a presence in the most fashionable girls looks, because it is easy to combine, protects from the cold and still leaves chic production effortless. You can use it on a day-to-day basis or you can even get to the ballad. See the tips on how to use the piece and get inspired! Continue reading Velvet Shirts

Angelica White Lace Dress – Women’s Dresses

Check Out Angelica’s White Lace Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Party!

Angelica is a famous Brazilian television presenter. His career began as a child in children’s programs, but his success was so much that he had several children’s programs of his own. Currently, Angelica has television programs for young and adult audiences. Continue reading Angelica White Lace Dress – Women’s Dresses