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Criteria That Guide the Best Choice of the CCTV System

The concept of Projects with CCTV cameras only aimed at the coverage of environments with installation of cameras without any commitment to the final result is outdated and cameras with higher resolution require more planning of the location and the objective of the monitoring, that is, which the level of detail that is expected of the system. Continue reading Criteria That Guide the Best Choice of the CCTV System

CCTV – a System That Goes Beyond Security

The CCTV (closed circuit television) has become today an essential tool for anyone seeking more safety and comfort in the workplace or even in your own home. But contrary to what many think, this system does not allow your user just caught moments involving kidnapping, murder or robbery, security cameras system contributes more than just for this purpose. Continue reading CCTV – a System That Goes Beyond Security

CCTV Camera FAQs

Who and where have I the right to film? What the law says ?

No law forbids you to install a camera in your home and make personal use only. This does not mean that anything goes: you do not have the right to film the street or neighbor’s house. This is to respect other people’s privacy, as defined in the Article 9 of the Civil Code . This principle is valid for all family members, including the camera is privacy. Continue reading CCTV Camera FAQs

Surveillance Camera DVR System

Hello, this item of News you want to talk about are the DVR camera system for the safety of their homes and businesses, since this system not only can work for entertainment but offer a great service in security systems.

Camera DVR system

Many businesses and houses today seek to incorporate surveillance cameras that help them protect themselves from insecurity, which unfortunately is becoming more, anytime.

In the market there are many types of security cameras, the main thing before buying one is knowing How to choose appropriate to your needs security cameras. That’s why, as a great option we talk to him about the use of security cameras system with a DVR.

Continue reading Surveillance Camera DVR System