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Women’s Cardigan with Leather-Look of the Day

My look with women’s Leopard cardigan

Outfit all red to leave Thursday for vibrant there!I just love red leather pants, guess the chic piece, powerful and above all nothing obvious.Is a mistake to think that the color is one of those difficult to combine.Goes well with earthy tones,with black,white,Navy,with pink and even red himself, as in look of the day! Continue reading Women’s Cardigan with Leather-Look of the Day

How to Use:Cardigan

If we did a ranking with the most versatile parts of the wardrobe, the cardigan would definitely tops the list. Is a lightweight piece that saves you in the days fresh (and air conditioning). The original models are made of wool, but nowadays we can find options in various tissues. Can have front buttons or not. As well as the length, which can be short, basic or stretched. Continue reading How to Use:Cardigan