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The Best Street-Style of The Week (CVII)

With this wave of Siberian cold that whips across Europe We might think that aesthetics is relegated to the background and that what really matters is to go well sheltered without taking into account as we unite. Nothing farthest from reality, our streetstyler seek any ray of Sun to show off their looks of winter and in those countries where the cold is only something temporary, Spring and their colors It seems that it is beginning to look head. Continue reading The Best Street-Style of The Week (CVII)

9 Fantasies For Fun Wedding Parties

It is increasingly common to find costumes for wedding parties. They are fun and make the photos even more spontaneous, as well as helping the guests interact in a much happier way.

If your wedding reception is all scheduled, but you think you still lack that touch more than special, take the risk in this new fashion and hit it full. Do not know which are the best and most creative costumes for wedding parties to buy? Paper and pen in hands that we tell you! Continue reading 9 Fantasies For Fun Wedding Parties