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A Combination With Culotte And Boots – Perfect For Autumn

I am now in the beginning of 40, my offspring is not so tiny that I would be constantly busy with afterwards to protect the children from the next crash and myself before the leisure design in the emergency room. If I only think of the****** Kinderkarussel in a Munich hospital, next to which I have already smitten ten times around the ears. Continue reading A Combination With Culotte And Boots – Perfect For Autumn

Winter Jackets and Boots

Winter is coming – and it starts soon to go strong. This means, unfortunately, that this summer’s heat for a long time ago is gone, and that coldness is on the way. For most it will be a little harder to get up in the morning, and for the most part people want to be under the covers. You feel maybe a touch of winter depression, where it all felt a little too cumbersome — and the whole thing is a little sour. But fear not, for there is a super-cure for winter’s coming, and it is, of course, to spend some money on new winter clothes.

Here you will be safe, warm and stylish through the winter – so in this blog post, it should be about the things that can sweeten the cold and dark winter a little. Winter jackets and winter boots are introduced. So find a warm blanket above nap, a cup of tea and enjoy a little cozy reading while the evening falls on.

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