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The Tote Bag

To find a functional bag and at the same time stylish bag is rarely an easy task. Either your bag too bulky to carry with them to work or just too small to hold even important documents. For available times when the portfolio is too strict and is far too large weekend bag tote bag a brilliant option. Spacious, flexible and not least stylish. Continue reading The Tote Bag

Step-by-Step Fabric Handbags

The non-woven bags go out of fashion. They always are present in the collections of several designers regardless of the season. This is because the work done by hand, or at least that seems to have been made from scratch, has been increasingly appreciated by those who appreciate the unique and exclusive pieces. In addition, using raw materials such as the fabric is greener than produce items with animal leather, which also attracts an audience engaged, which raised concerns about animal suffering.  Continue reading Step-by-Step Fabric Handbags

How to Make Bag with T-Shirt

We all thought about having that beautiful bag, a bag that was more to our liking and showing a little more of our style and personality. With a beautiful design or simply something very simple. The problem is that whenever we go in the stores the prices are too expensive and it always seems that we do not find what we imagine. There is a solution. It’s pretty easy. Make your own fringe handbag well in fashion, economically good and completely of your liking. In this article from umComo we teach how to make fringe handbag with t-shirt.

Continue reading How to Make Bag with T-Shirt

New Gucci Bags with Great Details

Gucci,for many the premium label number 1, manages to stay true to its style over the decades and still bring new,seductive creations on the market.The ever-classic look always wins new fans and so Gucci remains simply on-top.The riding motifs are as modern as ever, because many women love Reitsport and attach great importance to first-class quality in leather goods.To read the history of Guccis is really worth it.We present here some new models which, as always, are very convincing and offer a long-lasting quality and style awareness.These bags are also worth much after many years.You can find them at our site. Continue reading New Gucci Bags with Great Details