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Apple iWatch Is Scheduled To Be Released Later This Year

Smartphones, tablets and etc. are all really great, but this year will most likely smart watches “The next big thing”. In principle, these devices can be used as a plug-in, which is also used in smartphones, only more compact and with a significantly better wearing comfort. Now that the first kickstarter projects have been completed and will soon be delivering equipment, it is only a matter of time before the big manufacturers will follow suit. Samsung and Apple are to present their Smartwatch this year. Patent applications already showed that Apple is feverishly developing the idea iWatch. And when it comes to the informers of Bloomberg, the Apple iWatch will be presented later this year. Continue reading Apple iWatch Is Scheduled To Be Released Later This Year

Is There an Apple Event Today

First it started with iMore and iLounge, who claimed to know an Apple event on September 12. Now even larger media such as the Wall Street Journal blog and Reuters claim to know. There is talk of the new iPhone5. Also, that comes with a long-awaited iPad mini. Furthermore there is speculation on an iPod.

The appointment is of course just a rumor, if being realistic, just because it fits so well into the self-fulfilling prophecy. But what is to come, that is clear. So a statistic which is interpreted just published annual report of Apple.

There are concerns about how many advances Apple has made and will make and how much of this has the entire sales. According to Apple’s own predictions, these namely raised, about 8.5% to 13%.