TAG Heuer Next Year Will Produce 200,000 Smartwatches

In November 2015, the Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer with the connected presented his first Smartwatch. While market observers of the luxury watch due to the relatively high price of 1,350 euros immediately after the presentation conceded few opportunities, a different picture now shows: because as the Handelsblatt reported, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver revealed to The New Zurich Times on Sunday, that the luxury Smartwatch enjoys great popularity. 2016 we should sell 100,000 to 120,000 of Smartwatches. Therefore, the production of 200,000 copies is planned next year.

TAG Heuer connected: first Swiss Smartwatch


To stem the increased production capacity, Biver wants to build a new assembly line for microprocessors in Switzerland. 30 to 40 jobs are to go with it. The decision seems to be a correct conclusion: the forecasts for the current month announce us the best January for TAG Heuer since according to Biver said.

Apple Watch as competition

Also, he warned against underestimating the Apple Watch: it is a fallacy to say that the Apple Watch is no watch […]. Overall, the watch industry missed a market which is now developing. Apple is pleased, because they are virtually alone in the upper price segment. Last year Apple sold about six million Apple watches.

TAG Heuer Connected in the Test: Luxury Watch with smart Heart

More models announced

Also Biver compared to Bloomberg revealed that day will offer Heuer also variants of the clock end of 2016 respectively beginning 2017, which are made of noble materials. As an example, he called manufactured or with diamond-tipped models made of gold. Currently, there are the connected Smartwatch only with one made of titanium housing.

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