Systema Russian Martial Art Review

Systema is a martial art originating from Russia. Systema is?? combat training? Russian counter terrorism unit called Spetsnaz. It has developed over centuries, based on knowledge from the Russians invading people. The Russians went independent for combat engineers. Thus arose in the twenties of the last century. By this systematically further developed. Systema uses a minimum amount of energy to get the maximum effect. Making a more systematic use of breathing, relaxation, texture and movement. It is a reality based self-defense from ao scenario training.


The special units trained to deal with both subversive groups, the enemy units as serious criminals. It is a good control of body and soul is a very important weapon. Non-destruction and energy is crucial. Systema was developed specifically for this. The Russians have always kept secret knowledge of systematic. At the same time, there is a commercial, recreational form known in the West. The real spetsnaz systema not freely available to all. In both Germany and the Netherlands are some closed smaller groups operating with this spetsnaz systematic training. These workouts are no-nonsense and uncompromisingly opposed to recreational systematic. Leisure systematic training for the general public are freely available in some gyms. The emphasis is more on relaxation and stress relief.

Scientific kinematics

Systema is more a movement than a leather combat method. It does not make use of standard techniques, standard solutions and/or technology series. Systema has few ties, ranks and fight tooth. Especially during the cold war, it was systematically further developed from the science, in particular:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomechanics
  • Psychology
  • Mechanics

Four basic principles

A Breathing
A good breathing is important for all biochemical processes in the body. Breathing is often disrupted in an acute stress situation eg. An unexpected attack. The sorting fast out andningsresulterar in a greater chance of survival. For daily life involves proper breathing improves health.
2nd direction
The movement of both mind and body is necessary to avoid an attack in time or to neutralize. ?? Stand silently die?. Fast, efficient movement without excessive loss of energy is important. Smooth and flexible tensile also prevents damage in everyday life.
3 Structure
Structure or attitude of a person can be both physically and mentally. Effective action means that the structure of an attack “the collapsing of the physical or mental structure” by which the attack is stopped. Ensure that the Agency has a good structure and a stable mind is obviously a component that is not forgotten
4 Relax
Relax the mind and body does not mean that there is no strong measures are taken. But to a minimal use of energy gives the result as efficient as possible. By systema is rather?? soft and considering hard?.

Complete realistic training

Unlike martial arts terms of spetsnaz that everything must be practical. This allows a systematic training completely different martial arts. The piece?? ?? realistic situations that a robbery at the pins part of standard training. In the training sessions should be taken into account with before and after the period, for example, an attack. You can recognize a situation in advance and thus redirect it was prevention than to prefer this to a real fight. Also take into account the psychological effects of factors such as self-defense. The deal with traumatic experiences, therefore, to be a part of the systematic training. In addition, attention is given first aid.