Swiss Watch Industry

Glashütte, Saxony, there is good news: the company NOMOS Glashütte was recently awarded the “best brand in luxury” award. The prize, which was awarded in the frame on Thursday of German Brand Award in Berlin honors companies for sustainable brand communication and stands for excellence in brand management. Target price: to discover groundbreaking brands and brand makers. The rat für Formgebung, founder of the prize, founded in 1953 by the German Bundestag in the life and belongs to the worldwide leading competence centers for knowledge transfer in the field of design.

Today, the Glashutte factory Nomos according to his own statements is market leader in the field of mechanical watches “Made in Germany”. In the past three years the owner-managed company has repeatedly doubled, employs approximately 260 employees. Continue rising.

Another German firm, meaning Special watches from Frankfurt, has most recently looking for a place for a new factory due to the cramped conditions at the location of Rödelheim (1950 m 2). Looking is sense in the Middle sauce home, where a two and a half storey factory building with rooftop beginning 2017 is obtained.The future headquarters will be on a 7000-square-meter plot. The blueprint 4650 m² provides for production and Assembly of watches. This allows a greater depth of manufacturing sense so to do more work on watch parts itself than in the past.

Mid-2015 initial sense had taken the first branch in Römerberg in Frankfurt’s old town. In particular international customers who don’t want to go to Rödelheim, to achieve better. But also customer service duties are carried out there.

No relief in sight in the Swiss watch industry

The above current examples of the success of important German brands are in stark contrast to the developments, which are observed in the Swiss watch industry.

The Swiss trade magazine headlined “dark clouds over the Swiss watch industry” end of 2015 and referred mainly to the increasing reports of layoffs. Forecast: No relief in sight.

Reasons for the downsizing are mainly in the export weakness of the Swiss watch industry. Here is also no improvement is emerging with the statistics of the Federation of the Swiss watch industry FHS, where in particular Hong Kong driver of this negative development iSt But also the appreciation of the franc is a big problem: the appreciation of a currency leads to a higher export prices and a weakening of domestic economy.

The always current export statistics there are here: FH watch industry statistics.

Especially for the Richemont Group (A. Long & Söhne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, MONTBLANC, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin) it looks bleak. The group already dismantled 500 jobs last year. Now more to soft 100 jobs.Richemont is also to more unusual means to deal with the crisis: as shopkeeper watches be replaced by Asian Traders against new models, the old will be partially dismantled and melted down.

The Swiss company Zenith cuts dozens of Switzerland.

According to INSIdeWatch, a summary of the situation in the Swiss watchmaking industry for 2015 are also FHS: the location of the watch industry by 2015 – in the Switzerland and around the world.

Poppte a message until a few weeks ago, that I understand personally little: as the Swiss trade newspaper reported the planned for 2017 is new “Swissness” law some exemptions for the watch industry include. A comment can be found here:

Away from the problems in the Swiss watch industry, there is also a positive message: the company due to its growth in capacity was launched at the headquarters of the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen old town. Close to Schaffhausen, a State of the art production facility for the IWCcalibre is created until October 2017 a 20,000 m² lot. Around 400 jobs are to find in Merishausen place. In addition to the manufacture calibres the housing and the plant parts will be.

With this step, IWC ensures the long term of independence according to own statements and positioning itself for further growth.

Merishausen is in any case already been busy…