Surveillance Camera DVR System

Hello, this item of News you want to talk about are the DVR camera system for the safety of their homes and businesses, since this system not only can work for entertainment but offer a great service in security systems.

Camera DVR system

Many businesses and houses today seek to incorporate surveillance cameras that help them protect themselves from insecurity, which unfortunately is becoming more, anytime.

In the market there are many types of security cameras, the main thing before buying one is knowing How to choose appropriate to your needs security cameras. That’s why, as a great option we talk to him about the use of security cameras system with a DVR.

DVR security systems allows you to connect one or more digital cameras and record video. With this system the people get many advantages to be able to record, since in cases of theft can seek out suspects in earlier recordings and even zoom live.

If you are familiar with devices such as the TiVo, then you can get a sense of how well that can get to operate the DVR. Once this system begins to run the main video is stored on a hard drive and later in other video device; instead of making connections satellite to the DVR, can use as hooks one or several cameras and record.

DVR due to all those devices that recorded even in video cassettes and recording period that limited to eight hours, together with the need to change tapes. In addition the DVR can be processed a full screen using multiple cameras at the same time, concerned that other systems can’t do.

Then I talk about other benefits more than it has this system, but before I would like to recommend to read also the most popular types of security cameras .

Advantages of a DVR system

As a DVR records digitally is much easier to archive recordings in case you need them later, for example, this systems help a lot to the criminal investigation.

DVR footage can be recorded on DVD easily, without reducing the capacity or speed of video, and it is even possible to store in a single DVD recordings of 2 whole years.

But the biggest advantage that the DVR is that you can watch and record at the same time, concerned that other systems do not allow because the recording can damage or spoil. Also allows you to return to a previous recording from any point or min and go fast or slow while the hard drive saves a backup.

You can increase its advantages to using a DVR system with a computer as a source (instead of a monitor or TV):

To start can put you a protection key so nobody else see what is recording or take any file DVR.

Some DVR models can be connected to the internet and activate them alarms, so while recording the alert is activated and is mailed automatically to other computers as your home or even to police.

A hypothetical example is that you want to protect your home while you are travelling or even working, then you can turn your system on your office computer and if someone active the alarm will receive the notification in your email or you can see it from his work and report it immediately to the authorities.

As you can see this surveillance system offers many advantages, if you are deciding to purchase a system DVR I recommend you buy your surveillance cameras with us.