Surgeon Simulator Prepares Their Arrival to Android

Everyone knows that the landscape of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, cannot be ignored by almost any sector, especially those associated with the consumption of media, and in particular that of video games. There are many who decide to adapt their games star to these devices, and neither indies games get rid do it.

This time the independent developer who brings his creation to tablets, including as little to Android and iOS and possibly Windows 8, it is the of Surgeon Simulator. For those unfamiliar with it, is a game in which we will have to proceed to different patients in bizarre situations meentras handle an arm and each of your fingers.

The developers of Bossa Studios, after seeing the huge success you are having with your PC version, are exploring this possibility. The advance is more than remarkable, because as they have been made public, they already have from a playable prototype with a fairly acceptable results, what it lacks polishing details related to the gameplay.

On the date of departure, the developers have decided not to risk for not getting more pressure than necessary, but have said they hope to have it for this year or the next. It remains to be seen if the passage to the tablets not have ballast just too the game having a specific control to adapt to a touch screen.