Support The Flaneur Vintage!

So slowly but surely, you might think on this blog, it would be just about the vintage Flaneur. I hope that it bothers anyone of you, because this magazine is very to the heart and I want to use me for this, that the project still so successful. For this to work, the Flâneur needs financial support.

For so a continuous development is unfortunately not cheap and because the magazine from the next edition on all station and airport bookshops should be available, even some extra costs on the editorial staff come to. Therefore, a Crowdfunding started now. And now you’re in demand! Supports the Flaneur, so that this magazine is us not only preserved, but can develop steadily continue. FYI, I have here a few words of editor-in-Chief for you:

Love strollers, I would like to take the time, to answer all your questions. Yes, we have started a Crowdfunding (visionbakery on the platform).

1. Crowdfunding-what is it? You have the opportunity to earn money for your project with lots of people there. If the total amount does not come together, all donors get their money back. It is so risk-free.

  1. What does the Flaneur need the money?Currently we finance the Flaneur privately through ‘normal’ jobs.The is a: enormous workload to another: major steps are not possible alone. To enable him to a positive development, the Flaneur in the Internet must, in the trade, then he has the chance to work and to exist also in the long run.
  2. why so much money?Did you know that only the bar code needed for the sale, will cost almost 500 euro?Just as an example…
  3. our call: Love strollers, we have almost 4,500 fans.And we often hear what we do for a nice magazine, many on such a magazine have been waiting.If any of our fans took only 2 euro in hand, we can a wonderful magazine offer in return, that you can maintain in the long run and you can buy it at every train station and airport.