Super Bike Headlight And Head Flashlight 38000w -111000lumen

Super Bike Headlight and Headlight JWS-111


With Ratchet Zoom


Led T6

3 Operating modes:

1- Mode: 50% capacity (economical)
2- Mode: 100% capacity (super powerful)
3- Mode: strobo (used in emergency situations to signal its location)

Average range of 800 meters

Water resistant with o-rings sealing
PAC of 4 18650 rechargeable batteries-Average duration of 6 hours in low light

Rear Drive

Sent Items:
01 Super Bike Headlight and Headlight JWS-111
01 4-Battery Cap 18650
01 Luxury Carrying Case
01 Battery Charger (110/220 volt bivolt)
01 Battery Pouch
01 Head Strap
02 Orings to attach to the handlebar

Product data :
LED type: 1 CREE T6
rear Drive
width: 7 cm (nozzle diameter)
Power: CAP 1 4 18650 batteries
Made of aerospace aluminum
Weight 120 Grams Grams battery 100+

Important note-Never leave the battery uncharged, whenever it recharges it and thus the useful life will be greater

The LED Flashlights have Cree LED bulbs (service life between 50,000 and 100,000 hours) according to Incredibleflashlight.

Adjustable focus zoom: 1x~2000x.

Up to three operating modes: low light, high light and strobe (blinks).

high durability, machined in magnesium alloy, inderformable, non-corrosive and non-corrosive.

consumption equal to one-tenth of the common incandescent lamp.

Connectors equipped with high quality anti-shock seals.

Rechargeable lithium battery.

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