Sunglasses Of Yesterday And Today

Famous men such as Elton John, Xavier Naidoo and Karl Lagerfeld have made an accessory to her trademark: the sunglasses. “Kaiser Karl” prefers the understated black version, you saw Xavier Naidoo for years with a narrow, rectangular model with yellow glasses and for Elton John, it might be known to be not fancy enough for decades. He wore it from XS to XL, round or square, in all colors of the Rainbow and repeatedly with a heavy dose of rhinestone accidentally.

The fashionable

Now a gentleman in everyday life would not necessarily attack models for such eccentric , as described above. However, there is also a selection of sunglasses, which perhaps have less cult status that are still clearly failed as Aviator goggles and co. in addition to the already presented classic models And as soon as the first rays of Sun through the clouds break, also those fashionable sunglasses are an integral part of the street scene.


Strictly speaking, square sunglasses was already dealt with in the first part of our series , as the Wayfarer glasses in this category. However, there are still far more models that correspond to this type. Square glasses are most people and face shapes, there’s a correspondingly large selection here. Often they are found with a plastic frame and glass colors vary. More classic models show up here especially in black or in various shades of Brown. In and of itself the plastic can be but in pretty much every imaginable color produce and because the lenses of modern glasses are no longer bound to a color, virtually no limit to the imagination and personal taste. Of course, special care regarding the practicality be taken just when such versions. In leisure, sport and holiday is of course (almost) everything, what you like.


Very often men, with rectangular sunglasses come in the daily environment.

Like these be selected with metal frames and glass in dark tones.

The glasses in this type of glasses are usually relatively narrow and therefore the entire glasses is slightly elongated. Due to this special form visually interrupts the face. Actually, rectangular glasses flatter especially people with a rather round face, since they visually extend it. Although it is not among the classic sunglasses, you can see rectangular models also often combined to suits. One can only speculate whether the carrier so a little like neo, the hero of matrix, would like to feel.
Just when the frame is made of plastic, she also often finds use in the sporting field. Then turn all colour combinations are possible, which fell particularly thought some glass tinting for specific solar and lighting conditions and is therefore of high practical value.


John Lennon. More need not be, so that everyone has a picture of a round glasses before eyes immediately. Worn by him as a visual aid, it has becomeespecially in the 60s and 70s the fashion accessory of the Hippie movement developed and is today part of the range of different glasses manufacturer. She dresses very angular face shapes because she slightly softer is this and at the same time striking features underlines ge.

If you choose this form, seems always also (in) direct broadcast, that he is a free spirit, which stands out from the crowd. Still a little hippie, but at the same time fashion disciples of the modern era. Frame from expensive to cheap, in gold or silver, with a narrow metal frame or with plastic decorated – the selection seems endless and every year the big fashion houses to bring out new versions. In women’s fashion, these offbeat models are portable in the daily. The gentleman should rather refrain from such and wearing round sunglasses always in the knowledge of their effects.