Summer Tuning for Hands and Feet

The washbag “Decorate” of company Never offers nail file and scissors also tweezers and some brushes. The compact case is made of Orange cowhide leather.

The temperatures are rising and we can finally get our summer shoes from their winter quarters. But what good is the most beautiful pair of Manolo Blahnik Sandals when it is worn by unkempt feet? Just as little glamorous looks that sparkling Tiffany ring on rough hands with nail polish splintery off. Give we a care program and a fresh coat of paint in a summer color irreversible temper our hands and feet so now.

The basis for the “hand and foot summer tuning” is a “Cleopatra bath” that touched half of warm water and milk. The lactose makes the skin beautifully smooth and optimally prepared it on the next steps. With a cuticle pusher, gently the cuticles edit as he is found in the cases of “Decorate” of company Never. The pretty Orange pouch is made of grained leather and closes with a band.

Tender Feet and Bright Paint

To relieve the feet of dry places, will advance with a skin file to tackle them. One of the most luxurious copies is made from chamois leather and cattle horn the file of the French company Reverence of Bastien. Following the nails with nail scissors from the “Decorate”-Necessary be cut spade-shaped. Now the paint “Glow” by Dior can be applied, which will lighten the natural nail white and in the hand or foot turnover for a French manicure style. A Toe spreader made of soft foam helps that the toes when painting come not near. In the summer, especially if the feet have caught a first Tan, bright Nail Polish in neon colors are especially beautiful as, for example, the pink “Madison Avenue” by Essie.

Summer Care for the Feet

The nails are completely dry, a classic among the foot creams – is massaged a moisture donation cream like the Feet Youth by Clarins – now. Even more intensively care acts, by the way, if Crimped feet are worn over night thin cotton socks over the. On hot summer days a scented foot powder apply, for example, with Sage and cypress extracts of Reverence of Bastien. That keeps feet dry and fresh. Can be countered also with the “cooling ice spray” by Alexander tired legs and feet. So refreshed, can in theory the next are few designer Sandals shopped. At first, but the hands are suitable for summer Aufpimpt.

Summer Nails in Pastel Shades

The finger nails of the same length are brought to the hand bath: “Gorgeous nail file” glass of Koh is particularly gentle on fragile copies and according to the manufacturer, lasts a lifetime. This justifies the not just reasonable price of around 150 euros. To prevent discoloration to apply base coat and then a pastel spring sound like, for example, “DUS” USLU airlines in delicate lilac. Should a “lacquer”bloopers happen, nail – polish remover of USLU airlines on a cotton swab give just a little “BIO” and “erase”. ‘Organic’ is here but not “Organic” but the airport code in the Spanish city of Bilbao; all products of the Berlin label are named according to this principle, and should thus ensure holiday flair.

Luxury Care for the Hands

Is the paint is completely dried, can be massaged the cuticle nail oil, such as, for example, “love me oil” by Ciate – the pink liquid smells pleasantly fruity cranberries. A luxurious hand cream contributes Alexander with the “dream cream”: it contains diamond powder and gold nanoparticles to supposedly strengthen the skin elasticity. Ewas less out of touch but none the less grooming that is “Super-Aqua-hands” by Guerlain, which will delay the aging of the skin. It is equipped with SPF 15 and thus cannot replace the sunscreen on your hands. Maintained by hand to foot the summer can come!

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