Stylish Pregnant And My Favorite Looks

I decided to take advantage of my idleness on instagram (and as we love wasting my time there, isn’t it?) to pan the best pregnant stylish profiles for you. Selected six buchudinhas profiles fashionistas this time, but I intend to do this more often if you please!

1- @houseofharper: mother of a baby full of style! inspirational photos and many tips on how to dress in pregnancy. The line is stylish too! I think it’s my favorite.

2- @meschicho: mother of 3 beautiful children and pregnant with baby number 4 (panic face with me!). Beautiful photos, beautiful kids, beautiful House, lots of decor and looks super basic, pero mucho. If this woman were walking to heel with 3 Cubs waiting the fourth I descabelaria.

3- @whitneyjohnson: super colorful and inspiring photos, the style is part of the timeline of the girl, full of beauty, including your son!

4- @wearandwhenblog: I’m biased because I love this haircut. Just I just think they put the jump just to photograph the look of pregnant and then they take?

5- @heykailymae: féxionblogger style gravidinha hehe.

6- @fleurdille: mother of a beautiful little girl, pictures, super inspiring. That instagram we like to follow because you look pinterest, you know? And not to mention the images of pregnant women.

Oh, and it never hurts to let instagram of our brand, that will come full of good stuff out there on MATERNITYETCHIC.COM! Promise looks stylish, basic and versatile, from pregnancy to breastfeeding. And no face clothes adapted, hehe.