Styling Inspiration With A Shoulder-Length Sweater For Day And Night

So, I am on the road almost… at the moment not yet to NYC, but to Frankfurt, but for me it means, the suitcase is packed and there is no pure and also no raus raus. I have really tried to take your numerous and really great tips to heart. 

Whether I have succeeded, I do not know. What I already know, however, is that this thing with the kilo limit has only worked conditionally. However, I just did not manage to take less than 18 kilos and for me the whole matter was really therapeutic. If I have to do it again, I’ll write a book about it …  But because I’ll drop you in the next posts with my travel reports so on the alarm clock, there is this time only a styling inspiration with a shoulder-free sweater.

Actually, two outfits with a shoulder-length sweater that is perfect for the transition to the spring. In the hope that this also comes anytime. At the moment we have one day summer freshness (I do not fall for a suitable word for it) and then again 5 days of winter. So felt! This is already like in Instagram – from Iceland to Australia within minutes, oh what in seconds. Difficult to do it, I just have enough of the cold and would like to wear more springy outfits. And I believe, after looking into the coffee set, the glass ball and the constellation, with this desire I am not at all alone. To that extent – whoever – could now finally have a look with us cold-humored humans.

Transition With The Shoulder-Free Sweater

But well, it’s no use to complain about the weather. I can not change it. But I can not do it any other way… In any case, the sweater was just right. It is not a delicate, summery flowering, but it is shoulder-free, which in turn feels a little bit of spring. So perfect for this everlasting transition. O 🙂 And because I was really concerned with the suitcase, but I did not feel like it at all, I styled the shoulder-free sweater for the day and for the evening.

The Trunk Is The Place In The Trunk

But I can not really say that – finally, I have tried with this styling inspiration, the luggage compartment (I wanted to write now trunk space, but found this in the context but somehow misunderstood:-D) strategically to plan. Finally, it is an important criterion to know whether certain garments can be used during the day and at night.Especially if they are more sporty parts. I think the shoulder-length sweater has mastered this challenge with flying colors. I did not send him back, but I took him directly into the suitcase. Hello-if not times, so if the time is not a great way to show itself grateful.

Frustrated And Exuberant

Because actually I like the material acrylic do not really like. But as I said, the wintery summer spring-time transition has only made me disgruntled, then amused, and this beautiful color my remaining doubts. So your sweetie-I will still spend the rest of the train ride on learning about New York. (There is also a horrible passenger in the compartment-that means I need music on my ears.) Finally, there are countless pages of the tour guide that I have not yet read. This is not at all – I hear you say and there you are right… Because if I am there, I probably will not be able to read… I would like to experience and this exciting metropolis on me. If I make a blogpause, I honestly do not know yet… Perhaps it does not work so with the regularity-but either way, I keep you up to date. I also fear my Instagram account will be a little newyorklastig. So a bit… .O 🙂

Now, finally, the outfit inspiration with the shoulder-free sweater in the row… I wish you a great week, your Conny