Study Linking IQ and Web Browsers was False

As much as we want to believe that there is some reason for users Internet Explorer be slower than the rest of the people who surf the web using other browsers, we can not support this argument in the study released by AptiQuant company. This study seems to be as true as a note three real with the Chupacabra watermark.

Readers of the BBC News website were the first to discover the scam to realize that domain used by AptiQuant was recorded last month, which would invalidate the allegation of a similar study in 2006.

In addition, the page that team the list of the alleged Canadian research company was created based on images from another site, called CentralTest that it is a French company. On the website of AptiQuant the names have been changed.

It is not known who or which company is behind the coup. But I predict that the name be revealed soon, given the amount of people and vehicles that were cheated by history. I myself am already digging this rabbit hole, to see how deep it really is.

Upgrade to 14:10 | The very site of AptiQuant was updated with a warning that the research was actually false. According to the statement, the person behind the rumor just wanted to even encourage the exchange of Internet Explorer 6 by a browser better. This person did not reveal his name, but apologized to CentralTest to use photos of your executives.