Stroke Lists, Uggs, A Cashmere Cardigan-And What A Good Cause

Meaningful thoughts swarmed through my head. Great words with correctly philosophical approaches. I wanted to slap your sultry lyrics with life-clips and let you know that I know how it’s going.

But then my first visit to the Christkindelsmarkt got my brain gagged I’ll tell you right away, it was not the Christmas lights, not even the fire station guarded fire… Actually, I wanted to write so nen sly post about competition and competition. Since I know myself… finally I have grown up with two older sisters. It is higher, faster, the order of the day and my children prove to me every day that this wheel is still turning. Well, what could be harmonious with life… Harmonic is only my outfit with cashmere cardigan and UGGs and it is just right for cold November days.

And even there is certainly someone who does not even see it at all… Let’s just take the UGGs… there are globally massively toennails up. But honestly, people, who has never put his cold feet barefoot in these shoes, can not really say. In addition, the success of the Fozzybär shoes can be inferred: critics have not prevailed. It is not always just about the optics. Even the outfit occasionally dominate the inner values​​… For some time the UGGs have gotten reinforcement of Mou Boots. Grazil is not the first thing I have to say about these booties. Rather, I associate the misshapen boot with a bear killer. But that is also so wanted, they should appeal to the adventurer in us and I see myself sitting by the fire in front of a pot of steamed broth… bear broth of course.

Ugg, Mou, Moonboot

The Bärentöter-Boots should also be sustainable. According to the Mou website, the boots are still handmade and environmentally friendly as well as ethical. Well, then you can ride as an Indian through the big city jungle and warm feet one has also still. What does woman want more and what men want, interested in the place with permission, no S **. Whether there is a competition between UGG and Mou? A certain similarity can not be denied? Where the father äh the mother of the Klumpfüße already eh already in the eighties as a moon boot made a furore. However, in contrast to the UGG were still water-repellent, -dicht, -fest. For long time not so cuddly … Well – you can not have anything …

Horse Racing Vs. Star Wars The Clone Wars

I always tell my children when they are in their hair because of various little things. After all, a little brother is goofy and ne big sister still much stupid. At least when you are 9 and 11 years old… For example, she always eats the bigger muffin or moment, was he? Of course, she always showered first or moment, was he? In any case, she always sits in front of him in the evening before him and he must then always look at so bad horse series. “Mama, that annoys!” However, she always says that… so that he first squats in front of the TV and then she must look at Star Wars The Clone Wars-Schmarrn. “Mama, that annoys!” The plan is actually that the alternates, times, it first times he. But you already notice the fact-that is easier said than done. I’m already losing track of the socks.

List Lists And Packages For The Boards

I guess we would have to lead lists and I already see a dash of wood hanging from our fridge (in addition to the paperwork, which is already eh already hangs)…. And I fear, then the truth content of the lines is questioned … Who has how dashed and who is authorized to do so at all? I think I buy my headphones… At Tchibo, maybe I can support their Christmas action. Instead of turning an elaborate advertising film, Tchibo lacks 100,000 packets this year. And per 10 Euro purchase, Tchibo invests 20 cents in further packages that can be distributed to the panels. For more details, please visit thewebsite of Tchibo . I think this is a great thing.

Cuddly Cashmere Cardigans

Certainly one or other Christmas gift can be found at Tchibo. The cuddly cashmere cardigan for example-just right for the current cold days. And its color is just perfect, because it fits all. To more sporty styling, like mine today, but surely the cashmere cardigan can also be styled to more elegant looks. This is a perfect gift for a real big sister who, after the whole childish competition, has grown to her heart with her old-fashioned nature. Or for ne mom or ne aunt… or simply for themselves…

The Mulled Wine Is To Blame

And, of course, the mulled wine had fogged my brain, which is why only one of my important habits of life is: A mulled wine is enough too! Is already something. And now I cuddle into my cashmere cardigan and go to draw lists. I wish you a very great week, let it go well-all love, your Conny

Blouse: Windsor-my blouse is unfortunately never. But for that I found one from the current collection, which I really like. The buses are available at the Breuninger  (Affiliatelink). 
Cardigan: Tchibo-unfortunately only a few pieces of the cuddly cardigan are available. 
Trousers: Levis501-a similar Levis I’ve found at Zalando (Affiliatelink)-but there are also not always all sizes and at Asos a jeans from Levis  (Affiliatelink), which is also in one piece. 
Shoes: UGGs-in sand I only found the Bailey Button-for a great price at LuisaViaRoma  (Affiliatelink) 
Parka: Pepe-a real mega Parka I found at Asos  (Affiliatelink). 
Scarf: My favorite store