Stockings, On or Off?

Before each summer is usually the same stance show up; with or without socks? At the catwalk’s shoes without socks, a common phenomenon, but perhaps not as widespread on Swedish roads.

As with much else in fashion, there is no direct rules, without regard to regard their clothing after the situation. To go without stockings without a doubt a very relaxed impression which had brought a lot of attention to your own wedding, but to a less formal meeting had been excellent. To skip the stockings can actually be attractive to both jeans and more dressy pants.

The Formal Shoe
When it comes to loafers and sneakers so it’s really no problem to skip the stockings, but many would probably shy away from going without socks in a pair of dark shoes with laces. Worth considering is that of dark trousers and dark shoes so it can become a very sharp contrast with bare skin. Even with socks, this is important to keep in mind when for short socks tend to give a very ugly gap between the socks and kostymbyxorna.

The same applies, in fact, in shorts. The combination of shorts and stockings are absolutely nothing to recommend. If you really cannot cope with you without stockings choose instead a couple without shaft.Espandrillos and sandalar also requires that skip the stockings.

The Color Of The Socks?
An alternative for those who think it feels naked wearing shoes without socks is to skip the dark socks for the benefit of a few more colors. To match the socks with the shirt, the tie or handkerchief is both an easy and fun way to give her outfit some personality. Dark stockings is almost always a sure bet, but can at times be completely wrong. Chinos makes itself not all that good with a pair of black stockings, but dark blue or light hosiery is definitely preferable.