Still The Factory Reset on Android N Protection One Can Jump

We have already spoken on several occasions the restart protection present factory from Android 5.1 and the different ways that the guys at RootJunky have found to skip it. It has become a kind of arms race between Google trying to patch every crack system and RootJunky looking for new methods.

Well, it seems that the ball is back in the roof of Google, because still in the latest version of the system, the version for developers for Android N, there is a way of rebooting the system to use it Skipping this protection. Found it, how no, in RootJunky, although the process is more laborious as Google has been plugging more direct hacks of the past.

Cloudprint is your friend

Modes of skipping the factory reset protection are almost always based on an application. In theory the system should not you do almost nothing until you correctly enter the credentials of the last user of the phone, but the trick is in play with what you have to reach the Android settings.

Method for mobile LG the culprit was accessibility Switch Access function, while in mobile Nexus relies on the help of the keyboard. Now it is the turn of Google Cloud Print, as you can see in this video.

The method is something longer than in other cases. The first thing you should do is to try to connect to a Wi-Fi network with password to display the keyboard then go to the keyboard options to finish going to the help of the keyboard and choose Print.

From the print dialog box, you must add a new printing service from Cloud Print, then go to your settings, support, licensing of open source and last Select text to share with another application.

Finally, with a long press in one of the applications to share you will see the application information, from where you can follow up notifications, options, manage accounts, and finally, already come to the Android options, from where you can reset the system.

The process is quite long, Yes, but leaves in evidence once more the effectiveness of protection weak anti-theft. It is almost certain that Google will also block this way of skipping the protection before the final version of Android, but would get RootJunky find another alternative way?