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The orange feeling rises every time there is a major international sporting event begins, e.g. Football Championships. A large part of the Netherlands is very enthusiastic and pleased with many nights, football or any other sport on the TV. It is not only the Orange Royal family which connects many Dutch, but also-or even more-the Dutch athletes. A smaller portion of the Netherlands shook his head and muttered that sport only commercial or permit for the rioting and violence. But remember that in such moments often sympathetic, social measures are implemented as in the last EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP of soccer of the Dirk Kuyt Foundation and master Baker’s van Maanen.


As Dirk Kuyt Foundation will be carried out in cooperation with Meesterbakkers van Maanen, a measure to support sport for people with disabilities. What were the main actors in this action? They deserve to be taken once in the “Orange Sun.
Dirk Kuyt Foundation
Dirk Kuyt Foundation is a foundation that takes its name from the famous Feyenoord Dirk Kuyt. The goal of the Foundation is to support sports for people with disabilities and for the Organization of sporting events. For this money is raised and measures will be set in the rope. It can be about football but also for rullstolsdans. The Foundation has been in existence since 2006. It is noteworthy that Dirk Kuyt during his football career, his fame commitment to charity. Most football players and other athletes committed only for social purposes at the end of their sports career.
Meesterbakkers van Maanen
Dirk Kuyt Foundation regularly, financially or in kind, which are supported by various small companies from the light bulb. Van Maanen bakery did so during the last European Championship. Van Maanen is a bakery with six bakeries in locality with more than 100 stores in the Randstad and Noord-Brabant.
Dirk Kuyt
Kuyt comes from Katwijk football player who fell through the FC Utrecht Feyenoord. He currently plays for the English club Liverpool. In 2005, he was the top scorer for Feyenoord. If you want to know more, you can look at sites that offer information on Feyenoord and its players.
Ben Wijnstekers
Ben Wijnstekers () is a former football player who played mostly at Feyenoord. Do you want to know more about Ben Wijnstekers, use a search engine and enter its name. In addition, by looking at a combination that Feyenoord, Wijnstekers will find him. Ben Wijnstekers had issued in connection with what was called “Dotting the Charity action” at the last European football events taking part in the race as van Maanen Master Bakers. In this type of social action are always creative responses to charity that measures should be taken, even if it’s just by inventing a suitable slogan or name.

Orange OAK effect of the Dirk Kuyt Foundation and Meesterbakkers van Maanen as example

The campaign was a great simplicity. You can go to one of the outlets from Van Maanen and a bag of the “landmarks Charity” purchases. Delicious fresh white lace sandwiches in a customized bag measures. Went from every Pocket Purpose Dotting?? 20 Cent to the Dirk Kuyt Foundation. The action lasted four weeks and began on 1 June 2012.
Copy social measures
An operation like this is a good example of effective action. Money is being raised for a good cause.Bakery van Maanen is positively in the news. A product sold that are not too expensive and can be purchased by many people, especially for this action or just because they like it or always buy. Sporty and smart.

The contest Master Bakers van Maanen

Van Maanen can have more than 100 stores, so it may well be that you have any outlet for those in your immediate vicinity. But even then you can do something. Van Maanen had a competition on its website.That Van Maanen also reached people who could not buy white bread in their immediate environment or was not in need of bread. Thus reach more people in a modern way.
Competition and prizes:
You can answer a few short questions about Van Maanen website and complete a slogan and add any personal data. If you answered the right questions, was the slogan completed an original way and your data remains, did then you win one of these prizes, provided by KDF-Foundation:

  • 600 original leather footballs from the Dirk Kuyt Foundation
  • 15 by Dirk Kuyt signed jerseys
  • a tour and a football clinic at De Kuip by Ben Wijnstekers

Of course, there was the race conditions that Van Maanen may use your name and address to forward their newsletter. But you can, as often after the first again to cancel. Although there was therefore still a commercial element in this action, but if you have won a prize, you can still always have to pay a sum of money for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation. The bank number was and is without a doubt on their website.


A European Championship Football or another international sports events can have both sporting and commercial and social factors. In other words, are all in the Netherlands the same whether he is mad about football or abdominal pain because of possible riots and trade!