Step-by-Step Fabric Handbags

The non-woven bags go out of fashion. They always are present in the collections of several designers regardless of the season. This is because the work done by hand, or at least that seems to have been made from scratch, has been increasingly appreciated by those who appreciate the unique and exclusive pieces. In addition, using raw materials such as the fabric is greener than produce items with animal leather, which also attracts an audience engaged, which raised concerns about animal suffering. 
Because there is a large variety of fabrics on the market, it is possible to create super pieces colored or something sober and elegant, as, for example, a play produced with Burgundy velvet. The variations are endless and produce different effects, according to the Assembly’s look of who will use the object.
To perform this walkthrough will be simple. Just pay attention to instructions and willpower. For those who do not have sewing machine, you can even sew a piece with needle and resistant line. At the end of the process, you will have a beautiful and unique piece that can serve as a basis for other projects.

Choose the fabric according to the use you will make of the stock market. If it’s a kit for loading heavy items, like groceries or books, give preference to the more resilient, like jeans and jeans. These tissues require sewing on the machine, but the process can be performed by hand with needle and thread well. Choose also a second fabric that will serve as your lining to the bag.

Draw in newsprint or butter the mold that you will use to make the your bag. You can also unraveling a bag you already have and use the pieces to create a mold, skirting with a pen each one of the parts of the fabric. It is important to keep this template on paper even after the completion of this step by step, because it can be reused for other parts.

Pass the pieces of paper to the two fabrics, the liner and the Wall Street, and cut out with scissors. This is the time to add pockets, zipper or decorative applique on your part, which can also be simple, without many details. After this process, all with pins and pass in the seam. Insert the liner inside out inside the bag and secure it with pins. Do the same with the handles. Pass the seam and your bag will be ready.