Square Enix Announced Final Fantasy Tactics S for Android

Square Enix It remains committed to its presence in mobile devices taking advantage of its most recognizable franchise in a thousand different ways: Final Fantasy. A few weeks ago expanded its presence on Android with the Final Fantasy game: All The Bravest and now want to take advantage of the flip with a new installment.

This time have decided to be a little more faithful to the series, creating a completely new game but to use methodology that fans of the franchise can be recognized, receiving the name of Final Fantasy Tactics S. As its name indicates, is used system in the Tactis saga, with the role of strategy instead of the shift system that many have come to expect.

Prompt drink directly from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, game that came out in 2008, with many of its data intact, such as the system of classes. races and monsters. That Yes, the issue of social functions have resorted to Mobage to use your system of micropayments and friends.

By the time the game is only available in Japan, so we will have to wait until you decide to release it in the West, even if with Square Enix, it means a wait of several months, unless Mobage has managed some preferential treatment to accelerate the process of translation and distribution.