Sophisticated Gucci bags – Classics Interpreted in a Modern Way

Gucci bags are among the most sought-after designer bags worldwide.Whether Hollywood stars, models or fashionistas – they all love the Bamboo, Jackie or Stirrup Bag.These pocket models can rightly be called legends.Once popular by celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, you can still see them today accompanied by celebrity ladies like Salma Hayek or Naomi Watts.Today’s creative director Frida Giannini reinterprets the old classics and lets them shine in extraordinary colors and materials.The characteristic design remains, however, except for a few details.The Italian label can be inspired by the Reitsport, which is why stirrup motifs and snafflebacks can be seen on many bags and shoes.Let’s take a closer look at the modern interpretation of’s classic bags.

A legend: The Jackie Bag

The Jackie Bag was designed in the 50s and was originally called “Constance”.Jackie was nicknamed “Jackie Kennedy”, the former First Lady and the stylist of the 50s and 60s, with the Gucci Bag.Like the original, the new edition, the “New Jackie Bag”,is characterized by its classic design and the vertical clasp.Compared to its predecessor, it is much more spacious and therefore even more practical for everyday life.We show you the New Jackie Bag in a wonderful raspberry.New in today’s models are the striking tassels with bamboo details as well as the practical, detachable shoulder strap.Overall, the New Jackie Bag looks casual-elegant.

Cult bag Bamboo Bag – then and today

The Bamboo Bag with the characteristic bamboo handle was created in 1947 out of necessity.Because of the raw material shortage in the post-war period,a favorable natural material,which in this case was the bamboo tube, had to be produced.Today,the exotic handle is the hallmark of the bag and makes it so unique and unmistakable in its design.The modern version of the Bamboo Bag has got striking tassels with bamboo details on the side as well as a practical shoulder strap that can be removed.Of course there is the bag today in various materials, colors and patterns.From matte and glossy leather to canvas to crocodile and python leather, every fashionista will find the model that makes your heart beat faster.In the picture you can see the New Bamboo Bag made of patent leather in soft lilac.

Gucci Soft Stirrup Bag – Star Favorit

1975,the Gucci Stirrup is the youngest among the It-Bags.If you look at the bag exactly,you can see that it is modeled like a stirrup.Characteristic for the bag are still today the spore details.At her birth the bag was still very sturdy and you could understand this design still exactly.The Soft Stirrup represents the modern interpretation of the bag.It is softer and less strict in design,which makes it casual,elegant and wonderfully everyday.Moreover,it is very spacious and offers space for everything that women need on the way.But even in the”fixed”version, the bag is still available today.


These three Gucci bags are real legends.They impress with their finest, long-lasting materials, high-quality workmanship and unmistakable Gucci design.They are the stars among designer bags and they will continue to do so in the coming years.The Italian label provides for this by reviving the old classics again and again.The modern versions of the Gucci classics can be found at our site.