Sony Xperia ZL in the Test

The Xperia ZL comes with everything you need a high end phone, and also boasts excellent values in the test. Leaving behind the Xperia Z back.

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The model name suggests: the Xperia ZL is a sibling of the current top model Xperia Z. The optical differences: some more compact dimensions, rounded edges and a strong back plastic. Unlike the Z ZL of the Xperia is not waterproof, but offers a two-stage shutter for the camera.

As regards the inner values and the remaining equipment, give the two Sonys hardly anything – which brings us to the biggest problem of the ZL already: what can it go really compared to the Z?

Design: Sober versus styled by

The answer is banal: which device to choose, is a little matter of taste. Who prefer the ribbed plastic case, which uses the Sony Xperia ZL. If you rather prefer a stylish glass optics, the Xperia is Z.

Because even priced them apart hardly, in online trading is the price display at around 460 euros – for both. Just a matter of taste? Not quite. Because the leaderboard almost 20 points lie between the siblings.

Facilities: except for things top

Why? Because of many small things that add up at the end of course: The Z provides slightly better battery life, slightly better software-facilities, less weight and better case processing.

So the ZL in the shadow of Z, we save ourselves from now the cross checking, finally it’s also at the ZL to a current Android top model with 13-mega pixel camera, LTE, NFC and fast quad core processor.

Relevant size: the display. 5 inch is more than enough space, clear and well operable to represent both Web pages and maps, videos or games. Full HD resolution, rich colors and crisp contrasts include almost to the compulsory program – so even at the ZL in this price class.

On the one hand very well like that Sony has stretched the display as far as possible to the edge of the housing, so that the Smartphone despite powerful display size is reasonably handy, although these dimensions by a convenient one-hand operation can be no question.

On the other hand came in the test because of the narrow edge of the display and also unwanted inputs – the compromise between size and handiness is but overall OK. The computing power of the four core processor shows, however, without compromise: about faltering service, long load or start times you must not worry at the ZL.

Also the internal memory (11 GB available) should be sufficient generally with greater music and/or image collections on an external memory card (not included in delivery) are outsourced to prevent internal memory. Because: The play store downloaded apps can be moved easily on the map.

Laboratory measurements: Ox values

The ZL has shown strong performances in our metrology laboratory. The battery life is very good with just six hours in the mixed mode, the Smartphone is a day without charging cable loose.

Who much phone will be pleased though not outstanding acoustics of the solid. Here, the Sony has a little more air to above. But much more important are the qualities for the radio measurements – and here the ZL to the his best running on. The GSM measurements is 24 by up to 30 points – that is well above average.

In the very important for mobile Internet UMTS networks, it reached powerful 26 of 30 points; This is iPhone 5 (18 points) lengths better than the current leaderboards leader Samsung Galaxy S4 (20 points), better than the HTC one (20 points) and much better than the Apple.

And now comes to the sister model but still a comparison: even the Xperia Z scores in UMTS with 24 points worse than the ZL.