Sony Xperia Tablet Z in the Test

The currently world’s thinnest Tablet: In the test revealed the Xperia Tablet the advantages of a Sony display revolution Z, is also waterproof and is recommended for the living room.

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The times, in which Hi-Fi-Türme and TV/video equipment adorned the living room, and behind countless cable and more connections as possible in secret should be over. Today you need only: a television, a large hard drive, a network. And a Tablet, which everything connects. Quality of course continues to play a role. And technology also.

Heinmvernetzung as child’s play

The key word is called DLNA which enables the networking of various devices – with the aim to share the stored media. Some DLNA-enabled devices provide media, others get them, and some organize only the output from one device to another. Streaming from a hard drive on a TV is, for example, an ideal area of application for Smartphones that will act only as a controller. The Xperia Tablet Z can do anything about it. And this also shows rather than the possibilities like others deep in the menu or in the settings.

The share of media on the Tablet is a no-brainer: looking for music and movie titles the respective player apps automatically display the other media server on the home network. You find a title, meet two button pressure, and he ends up on the TV. Only the term “throw”, English for throw, evokes the right Association in this country not necessarily intuitive.

So you no longer have to create the Sony Xperia Tablet Z out of hand, you can also switch the TV via infrared. The remote app side view recognizes even quite a few older devices of various manufacturers and lays down when you need it, in a small window on the screen. The Tablet becomes the full control panel. The movies app picks if necessary from the Internet to the information about the film. Also music lovers don’t miss out thanks to the good.

The tidy Explorer of the Xperia Tablet Z all files on the Tablet, and also directly in the app shows everything it has stored in its cloud, unless it’s an account with box, dropbox, SugarSync, Google drive, or Sky drive separated by type of media.

The display is a blast!

The design of the Xperia Tablet Z is adapted to the look of Xperia smartphones. The curves are gone, rarely a tablet was so flat and straight forward design. Rarely also only so thin: 7 mm are a real hammer for a tablet of almost 500 grams!

Exactly 6.8 millimeter-thin is the Xperia Tablet Z. This undercutting currently no other tablet of 10-inch class, and not the smaller iPad mini with its 7.2 millimeters. Sony established the space savings with a new display, the Opti-contrast Panel.

So does the Opti-contrast Panel

As already LG with the zero-gap-touch technology at Optimus G, but also Sony has succeeded in reducing the layers of air between the layers of the display. Thus, the tablet will not only slim: less refraction also provide a clearer display.

In conjunction with the mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, Sony promises a contrast in real time. Dark shades in dark areas of the image to better differentiate and reveal more image details. This is evident when the Xperia Tablet Z with the naked eye. At the same time significantly reduced differentiation of contrast in bright areas of the image.

The display in the laboratory measurements

The connect measurements capture among other things the contrast ratio less than 1 Lux 500 lux and 20 Kilolux, so for operation in the dark, Office conditions and daylight. Compared with the pure Android, the Xperia is Z an average contrast of 1:312 in fifth place.

Amazon’s Kindle fire HD is here by the way. Low light is the Xperia Tablet Z with 1:1126 in the same field of comparison only of the Huawei media pad 10 FHD distance with a contrast ratio of 1:1505.

An additional splinter protection film is attached above the safety glass. Thus, the only thing a last perimeter protection against permanent fingerprints missing in onion-building. Because you left their mark on the high-quality display unfortunately still very easy.

Features: 3D surround sound

In the narrow, covered with a rubber protection edge, Sony has integrated four mini speaker at the top on both sides as a whole – but not on a headset. MHL-enabled USB port on the bottom, you can connect with optional adapters also HDMI or normal USB sticks. A micro-SD card slot is also on board.

The tested Sony Xperia Tablet Z with LTE could read easily a 64 gigabyte-great SDXC card, however just in the FAT32 format. You look around the Internet, the two pure Wi-Fi versions, with 16 or 32 gigabytes of hard disk can read also maps in the format ExFat. Thus, larger videos could be easier bring on the tablet.

The connections are all hidden under tight-fitting covers. Opening the small notch which can be caught with a fingernail, is not very erquicklich and even then required, if you want to connect only a headset to the Xperia Tablet Z. Also dangles the cover next to the cable on the tablet. The charging cable is off in addition, two tabs hang unattractive in the area.

Water March!

The whole thing happens of course not without reason, and not the pure beauty of unembellished tablets because: as well as the Smartphone Xperia Z also the Xperia Tablet Z is dust – and waterproof according to IP 55 and IP-57-certification. Means in plain language: it should withstand a water jet can both harmless survive a dip in up to one meter deep 30 minutes.

Unlike for the Smartphone is the back wall of the tablets not made of glass, but made of a soft plastic. Thus it is well and good grip in the hand or on the lap – is but if you are not careful, even scratch-sensitive. Thoughtful detail: A marker indicates the seat of NFC antenna. This is useful because the wireless technology in the use requires close proximity.

Camera: It’s a Sony

Also sits a 8-megapixel camera on the back of the Xperia Tablet Z – without Flash, but with a tablet version of Sony’s Exmor-R sensor. The images can be seen: under moderate lighting details are clearly visible and noise remains low. The same light sensor works also in the 2-megapixel front camera.

Four cores for bits and bytes

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-S4-per-chip provides the ruckel – and dropouts-free entertainment on the Xperia Tablet Z. The Vierkerner and the dedicated graphics unit Adreno 320 are likely to have especially with the contrast adjustment to do much that is done in real time according to Sony.

The performance of the multimedia spectacle of course ultimately depends on the load of the network. If at three Xperia tablets in the House the sister enjoys to gamble good about your PlayStation certified tablet with the console, while in the living room a blockbuster and music from the cloud is streamed in the bathroom, it could be then but sometime eng…