Sony Xperia SP in the Test

The Sony Xperia SP is advisable with strong laboratory values in the test and fine metal frame as a slightly slimmed-down alternative to the Z.

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That was not necessarily to be expected: with an awesome battery life, compelling radio properties, almost impeccable acoustics and a high-quality housing, the Xperia SP retracts a strong total.

Who Sony’s current top model Xperia Z too big (5-inch), to expensive or too bulky (edgy housing), will get a more compact (4.6 inches), more manageable (rounded back) and cheaper alternative with the SP.

Hardware: Only a few trade-offs

Of course not without trade-offs: the internal memory of the SP is quite short with less than 5 GB it is extensible via micro-SD cards, only requires a solution. Music, photos, videos and co can be while on the external memory card outsourced, for apps and this doesn’t work memory-intensive games however complicated and risky for the Smartphone directly (keyword: root).

Who don’t mind at some small store, can have but powerful fun with the SP. With the transparent, light-enabled bar at the bottom of the housing, which automatically adjusts its color, for example, while looking at photos on the current image.

Also possible: Contacts in the address book assign a color. Incoming calls to the bar signals in the appropriate color, the contact request comes from any direction. That is whom to playful, which can also disable the function. A toy is the SP but not certainly, but the appearance is altogether too serious.

The metal frame provides a high-quality appearance, the display at HD resolution clearly belongs in the upper class. The back cover can be removed, by the way, among them are the slots for the micro-SIM and the micro-SD memory card. Too bad that the battery is still firmly fitted.

Facilities: Velvet LTE

The extensive equipment fits to the chic appearance: LTE, HSPA +, NFC, 8 MP camera with HDR mode – are all common standards at the start. In moderate light conditions, the camera showed typical noise, by the way, at a close distance, the LED does but good service.

Overall, the SP comes with a good camera, which is quickly ready to start and easy to control thanks to their own button and touch focus. The camera of the Z it can compete with however, the colours are occasionally slightly too bright for our liking.

Operation: fast and easy

Even when the processor, Sony has slimmed down: instead of four are only two cores at work, who never took care 1.7 GHz in the test nevertheless fast chip including Adreno-320 graphics for a liquid operation. Android 4.1 Sony Jiving with additional applications to: the onboard Navigator Wiseman pilot in a three-month trial and a reader for Office

Documents are as well as Sony’s own multimedia applications around the topics of photo, music and video.

Sony displays the typical Android buttons directly on the display instead of including squeezing. They are not needed is the complete display area available.

Conclusion: Clear purchase recommendation

Overall, the combination of good performance and useful extended Android 4.1 to ease of use, which makes joy really will. A clear purchase recommendation.