Sony Threatens to Sue Twitter for Helping to Spread Leaked Information

The Battle of Sony Pictures to reduce the damage caused by the Guardians of Peace is accelerating in an attempt to prohibit the disclosure of the stolen files. After having intimidated the media and users of Twitter, now Sony focuses on Twitter itself to combat the distribution of private content.

The Motherboard released a copy of a letter sent by David Boies, the lawyer Sony, the Vijaya Gadde, Twitter counselor. In it, Boies warns that “the stolen information continue to be spread by Twitter in any way, Sony will aim Twitter itself responsible for any damage or loss caused by it.”

The letter also calls for action on the musician Val Broeksmit, which is releasing screenshots leaked emails on your own profile of the social network.

Twitter said through a spokesman that the network usage rules forbid it to disclose private information, but it only applies to content (image or text) in a tweet. When an account shares a link that leads to private information, the terms of use exempt the company from any liability.