Sony Mobile Confirms That It Leaves without Support of Updates to 12 Terminals

Bad news for some users of the Japanese manufacturer Sony, which although earned a place of honor in the Android platform with its care devices and a good after sales support, has always crippled in its updates speed.

Sony has never been allowed to release a firmware that was little polished, so its Android version changes have always been pretty slow for your devices. Now, it also seems that the argument to keep good performance on their devices will serve to justify the list of the 12 terminals that remain unsupported confined in their current versions of the operating system.

Some of them have been very important for the company as the Xperia S, but they have been in the market already 18 months or more, so Sony believes that it is time to stop the update for the following list of smartphones support:

Xperia Arc S Xperia Acro Xperia S ion P Xperia Xperia S Xperia U Xperia Xperia Miro Xperia single Xperia SL Xperia J Xperia type go

As you can see, the range of NXT with which the Japanese were released after purchasing joint venture Ericsson loses support, even before reaching the latest current version of Android, logical step that Sony should have given before announcing the end of support: “you upgrade to the newest, and you notice that so far we have reached”.

Some terminals of the above list up to remain without updates having not seen any jump version, especially those in the lower range.

It is not a step that we like and not justificaremos to any company not to update their devices, although we know that manufacturers are to sell phones, and few are those who keep updates beyond the two years. Could the Xperia T be the next to lose the support?