Sonic Runners Shows Us How Is The Game with Their First Trailer Gameplay

We already know as it will be the next video game mascot of Sega that the study Sonic Team He is preparing exclusively for mobile devices. After launching earlier this month a teaser trailer now this week have offered us their first gameplay trailer of Sonic Runners.

This new video from Sonic Runners Now let us see at last as it will be the gameplay and graphics in this new installment of Sonic, which as you already knew, go back to the origins to offer us a horizontal scrolling platformer, but this time type runner, in which you only have to press the screen to jump and attack.

Sonic Runners It will not be an endless runner, but that we will play in stages which will last between one and two minutes approximately. At its launch, we can play with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles but in the future will add more playable characters. Neither will be phases in which we will face against Robotnick, aka EggMan, and against other enemies.

This title will be released during this spring in Japan and throughout the year in the rest of the world. It will be of free download with integrated shopping to buy with real money enhancers, characters and objects.

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