Software: Our Site Wants to Cooperate with Smartphone Manufacturers

In June 2014, our site fire phone introduced the company’s first Smartphone and immediately suffered a setback. Not only the comparatively high price, but also dissatisfied customers and bad reviews were to blame. Episode: much too low sales figures. Also multiple price reductions could not change this, so that the online catalogers end of August 2015 finally ceased the sale of own smartphones.
Now dares Our site apparently back in the Smartphone market, but to choose a completely different strategy: as the American website reported the information, our site wants to cooperate in the future with other smartphone manufacturers, to offer services on their devices.

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More than just apps

With which manufacturers our site wants to cooperate in the future and whether there are already first possible partners, is unknown. One thing is already certain according to the report: should there be a collaboration with a Smartphone manufacturer, our site wants to settle for not only playing on the own apps. Finally the online mail order works in this regard already in the United States with Samsung and the mobile service provider AT & T, so many Our site applications are preinstalled on some of their devices. Instead the Group opts for probably a deeper integration of its services in the devices.

Language Assistant Alexa for smartphones?

That Our site offers its numerous Android programming interface and services (for example, the language assistant to Alexa), in the operating systems of their own devices integrate the manufacturer depending on the request would be possible. Another option: Our site expands fire OS in-house operating system, so there is the language assistant Alexa including on Smartphones. Then the online mail order traders could make free operating system Smartphone manufacturers available. This would have two advantages: on the one Our site maintains control over its services. On the other hand, more and more users use the services ideally so that Our site could increase its revenues.

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Plan hard feasible

Should correspond to the report of the truth and Our site really plan a deeper integration of its services in Smartphones from other manufacturers, the company must first solve a problem: to exclude the licensing agreements by Google, which is manufacturer of Android devices according to arstechnica commit to deliver all smartphones and tablets with the services of the search engine company and competing products. An undertaking which opposes there loses access to the Google play store. Thus it might be extremely difficult for Our site to find a large producer that goes this way with the online mail order.