So Is The Split-Screen Android N

The split screen will officially come to Android in your next version that from today the latest Nexus can now enjoy with the pre-release Android N. thanks to the support multi-view may be view two applications at once on screen.

The user may split screen for view and use two applications at the same time, to for example write email while view a web page. And show two applications at the same time is very simple with Android N.

Split the screen in two to show two applications is as easy as view applications Recent and do a press long on an application to drag it and fasten it on one side of the screen. Once the first application already set so only we must select from recent the second application we want to see at the same time. The recent button you will depart in two to warn that two applications are being used at the same time.

By dragging the dividing line We will make a larger application and the other smaller. To fail to see the two applications only have to move the dividing line until an application disappears.

In devices that have virtual navigation keypad also is you can quickly access the multi-window with one in the recent button press. Automatically the current application we’re seeing will show in the upper half of the screen and in the lower half will get the application selector to open the second application. Users can drag and drop files from one application to another.