So Could Be The Samsung Galaxy, S5, S5 Prime According to Their First Cases

In recent years Samsung It has managed to largely keep secret the design of their latest devices. Three days after the official presentation of the new Samsung S5 Galaxy still no image of the device has not been leaked.

Now, thanks to sleeves Protector We can already get an idea of which would be the design of the Samung S5 Galaxy, which it seems it won’t be alone, since these cases we see that they are also compatible for the Samsung S5 Galaxy Prime. They are already on sale at Amazon for 13,99 dollars and would be sent on April 15 can put on sale of the S5 Galaxy?

Protector It tends to receive measures of new devices with enough time to put the caps on sale when the device launches. This manufacturer of covers sometimes comes and shows in renders their covers for a model that still has not been announced, showing their approximate design, since they know the exact dimensions, the lines and the size and position of rear camera and flash. In most of the time tend not to hit is in the design front, where already tend to make up the design of speaker, interface and buttons.

As we see in these cases the Samsung S5 Galaxy would a few more straight lines, most Galaxy Note 3 style, with the camera back in the same position, but with different design more square and accompanied with dual LED flash.

Of Samsung S5, S5 Galaxy Prime little is known. Now it is said that the model S5 Galaxy It would display FullHD (1080 p) and the S5 Prime a screen QHD (1440 p), will have fingerprint reader on your physical button, and at least some of those models would be water resistant.