So Bleiben Weiße Sneaker Sauber

In addition to expensive special cleaning agents there are plenty of budgetary subterfuges, keep clean the white favorite treads

Hot on white? So, sneaker be radiantly beautiful.

White sneakers have become the classics of the trend-item and are now in every Shoe cabinet. You want to wear your favorite daily Stan Smiths or superstars? So, you have long friends on them.

5 skin care tips for white sneaker

1. waterproofing

Before you wear your white sneakers for the first time, you should not forget the impregnation. So the shoe is protected and the cleaning much easier.

By the way, this applies to all sneaker. The most beautiful classics can be found here.

2. rough stains

An old toothbrush is great to clean sneaker. Through the small bristles you can clean more targeted much, as with large shoe brushes. So, the leather is not unnecessarily strained.

3. wet wipes

A real insider tip: dirt Schleicher can use baby wipes or cleansing cloths to very gently remove. Works especially well on the sole. Definitely not coloured sponges use, because they can rub off.

4. deep cleansing

If your white sneakers when Mistwetter correctly have suffered: A mix of baking soda, Spüli and water mix, apply to a piece of Zewa or a toothbrush and clean sneaker. But be careful: don’t overdo it, otherwise the leather will become brittle. Remedy colorless leather oil.

5. lace

Rather than buy new shoelaces, you can enjoy the old also a beauty treatment. Laces out thread and soak for 15 minutes in gall. Then in a cloth bag and off in the washing machine. The laces must not loose in the washing machine, because they can get caught in the drum.

6 washing machine? Dishwasher!

That allowed shoes unfortunately not in the washing machine, because heat and spin cycle can loosen the adhesive, we know. But do you know already this trick by sneaker experts? Lay the fabric sneakers (please not with leather sneakers) in the top rack of the dishwasher and wash at the lowest possible temperature. Unsanitary, who finds the idea: instead of breakfast plates, vases or other dust at this wash stand near them.

The 3 coolest ideas to style the sneaker? shows here in the video.