Smartphones For Children:At What Age It Is Useful

The number of consumers who use a Smartphone, increases continuously in Germany, as well as in almost all industrial Nations. Quite a few adults provide even their children with modern smartphones, which are often very expensive. But at what age this is really advisable and what advantages and disadvantages exist?

In 1998, over 8 percent of the boys and girls used cell phones. Ten years later this ratio has grown very strongly to 52 percent. Since the availability of smart phones, are above all these devices in advance and used increasingly by children. As the Kulturring Research Association Southwest, mobile phones especially at Zwölfs-are common up to thirteen. Therefore, over 86 percent use a mobile. In the six to seven years, there are also very many children whose parents have opted for mobile phones with about 19 percent.

Why many parents opt for cell phones for their kids

Is the own offspring is equipped with a mobile phone, this offers the advantage that the child is the one always accessible. A call is sufficient so normally and already a feedback to the site provided that the device is also switched on. Another important reason represents as well as the tracking function. Nowadays, almost every commercially available smartphone features a compact GPS module. The manufacturer Apple is even a free option for instant tracking of the current location. Thus parents can easily determine where the child is currently. Appropriate software solutions are available for models with other operating systems like Android or Windows, available. Should the school be quite unsafe or too long, then a cell phone allows optimal, to provide a degree of safety.

Predaid or contract?

With a mobile phone or Smartphone can cost of course always. To produce no overly large sums, a Predaid deals, that has already been available for a few euros per month on the market recommends therefore in any case. Already before the acquisition, parents should put the child is clear rules and talk about the usage. This applies in particular to the correct assessment of this technology. Unnecessary phone calls, what costs should be avoided. Because Smartphones have compared to cell phones many features, where the device gets data from the Internet, you should create value as well to that all these features are disabled. Some Android smartphones of known manufacturers include a special option for children. Alternative routes exist but also to connect these continuous connections to the Internet.

Mobile phones have the classmates?

Whether a purchase of a Smartphone is necessary, must be considered of course by each parent itself. Nevertheless, should remember also, that can already own a mobile phone might have other children in the class and your offspring thus quickly become the underdog. This deal with the parents on a parents evening and ask a question in the Group, to determine how much the mobile use in a class is pronounced if you want still no purchase. Otherwise we advise you in the primary school age children up to an old and used cell phone. Then you should wait a few more years until at least the sixth grade. May your child already comes to you and asks for a Smartphone. Choose here to the cost savings as well as a priority for their older devices and edit the settings so that the permanent connection to the Internet is not made.