Smartphone Sports

Whether at the gym or while jogging, the Smartphone is by many in the sport used. The possibilities of use go from music to motivate to tracking the own speed and heart rate. In this post we want to imagine products and apps, which perfectly combine Smartphone and sport.

Smartphone Sports

Where? Sports armband & bags

Where with the Smartphone at the sport? Some ask this question with certainty. The loose shorts runs the risk that the Smartphone from the bag falls and goes may be lost or broken. Sports bracelets are part of some uncomfortable feel, what the occasion gave us time to look at the us, but also to find alternatives.

Runtastic sports bracelet RUNARM2

The app provider Runtastic offers, including a sports bracelet in his sports-equipment collection. I have this even while jogging in use and must say: it’s really very comfortable. A belt for fixation in the forearm is also available.

  • ergonomically designed
  • padded neoprene (durable, lightweight & washable)
  • Mounting possibility of headphone cable
  • Reflectors, key and money slot

Music: Sports headphones

As an athlete, you should have high demands for headphones mainly for the stop and the Robustigkeit. Standard headphones just fall out of your ear while jogging or be broken at worst even because of sweat. Good sports headphones score points by a perfect fit, good grip, are robust and waterproof even at best. AreacodesExplorer can recommend the following smartphone sports headphones for this:

Philips sports Headphone/Headset Bluetooth

  • perfect fit, optimal wearing comfort
  • Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • sweat-resistant
  • washable
  • perfect sound insulation at low volume
  • iPod/iPhone certification: volume control, answer,…

What you got for more gadgets while running? We will regularly update the list to keep you up-to-date.
* Prices are updated on a regular basis in the article, may be different but in the end.