Smartphone in the Water Please

A nightmare that happened very quickly: The Smartphone has fallen into the water. Most manufacturers exclude water damage in the warranty guidelines, which is why a small crash can be relatively quickly quite expensive. We give first aid as quickly as possible to dry tips to your Smartphone and to protect from further damage by For not the first contact with water is dangerous, but water deposits in the machine, which damage other parts and or even rust damage can cause.

! Warning: you might want to avoid that

  • Smartphone shake never – water droplets can spread so on in the Smartphone and damage other areas
  • Avoid hair dryer or heater to dry – to hot air can melt or damage sensitive internal parts
  • Not too soon turn Smartphone – give the device enough time with the following tips to dry sufficiently

First aid tips for your Smartphone

(1) smartphone switch off immediately

Should your Smartphone, after it fell into the water, does not turn off, you should do this in any case. The water in the appliance may damage important internal parts and create a short circuit. For this reason, it is important to finish all circuits immediately. Avoid absolutely, now a charging cable to connect your Smartphone!

(2) wipe with a dry cloth

Free your phone from the superficial water droplets, so that they can penetrate and cause more damage in critical places such as speaker, charging port and headphone output. Carefully you can DAB specially these openings with the dry cloth.

(3) dry Smartphone

Wrap your Smartphone now sealed in a plastic bag or a can with some little bags of silica gel (silica gel). If you have no silica gel available, you can use also dry rice. In both cases, the Smartphone with a filter paper or mesh cover material should be abegrenzt to avoid contamination. Now it says to wait for at least 24 h be… recommended.

Smartphone works even not – broken?

Should the three specified first aid measures have not worked and after 24 h doesn’t turn your Smartphone dry leave, going to the Smartphone repair is recommended. This open your Smartphone and blot it dry with special/gentle cloths. With this step you should not wait too long, to prevent first or more rust development in the Interior of the Smartphone.

Frequently asked questions for Smartphone – water damage

Smartphone in the water like – warranty case?

The most Smartphone manufacturers exclude water damage evident in the warranty guidelines, an examination in a particular case should be done but still. Especially for smartphones, which advertise with spray water protection, you should have good opportunities to settle possible damages on the warranty. In any case the 3 are recommended but first aid tips to avoid big damage!

Smartphone in the water like – oven helps?

The oven is one of the more the myths of Smartphone water repairs. In conversation with some repair services was discouraged significantly, because thus more internal parts can be destroyed or cooked through. Don’t try this at home!

Smartphone in the water like – how long dry?

With the right conditions (as we have known it in point 3 of our first aid tips) are recommended at least 24 hours, in which dries your Smartphone and where you should connect your Smartphone to a charging cable or switch on never!

Smartphone in the water cast-touch screen is not responding

Immediately after water damage some parts of smartphones can not function properly. Ablogtophone suggests you switch immediately from this and consider our 3 first aid tips. If after about 24 hours the touch screen still wont work is going to the repair service recommended. For some smartphones, the Exchange is fairly simple and inexpensive. The repair service you have zusätztzlich yet the certainty that no other water deposits add further damage in the next few weeks.