Small Studio Decorating Ideas Photos

For those who live in small apartments or kitchenettes and walk without inspiration thinking that the space is too small to decorate well, today we’ll show you the pictures of a very elegant kitchenette that has just incredible 20 square meters.

This beautiful loft brings some good ideas for you to enjoy in your apartment and make him more charming without needing much.

With the high bed, the tiny apartment is even with extra space that could be occupied with a comfortable rug in front of the sofa and a table against the wall to create a small home office.

The wallpaper behind the couch delimits a different environment, and the little table next to the bay window is undoubtedly the highlight of the apartment, creating a romantic and very nice space for a dinner for two for example.

Wood cabinets take advantage of every corner to create more storage space, and could be painted in white to give more breadth to the environment. The 20 m ² could make a big difference by using softer colors in the wall tiles in the sink.

The lamp next to the couch is great for reading moments. Notice even in other details to optimize space, such as the plank of wood that covers the sink when necessary, the built-in cooktop next to the wall, all aiming to make the most of space on mini-kitchen.