Small Eyes Makeup Tips

If your eyes are not large, you can help of certain tricks to liven up your look. Do you think that it is complicated? Take it easy! Take advantage of a few small eyes with these simple makeup tips.

It recognizes the shape of your eyes

The shape of your eyes can – visually – resize them. For example, those round or fallen are usually easier to conceal and ‘enlarge’ eyes torn (common in Asian factions or indigenous peoples) or almendrados.

The big advantage of small eyes is that you can get results with little makeup, as opposed to the large eyes. You can also highlight cheek or lips and even use applique and glitter without looking so exaggerated.

Makeup for the day

Clear shadows will be your best friends during the days of work or when you have not much time for makeup. Beige, bone/ivory or skin will give the illusion of larger eyes if they are applied along the eyelid mobile, besides giving a shine to your look.

Pallets as Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Quad in Butter Creme and Bobbi Brown Party Eye Palette are perfect for you (see more information) because they have the right amount of iridescence – ideal if you want to “open” your eyes.

Stay away from the eyeliner in hours a day since they give hardness to your look. It ends with brown or black mascara on the upper lashes.

Makeup for the night

When you have a party or a special event, you must be careful when choosing your makeup. A soft smoky eyes can run you, however, bet for delineated prolix will be a guaranteed success.

If you opt for the famous “cat’s eye”, be sure to use clear shadow as a base and lengthen the outline for a more exotic form. Many pestanina or false eyelashes will help you enhance your eyes – the key is in not makeup or wear mascara on the lower lashes.

Looking for something more extravagant? See vibrant shades combine with the color of your eyes and used from the inner part of the eye until the middle of the eyelid. Mark the depth with Brown shadow, charcoal or grey lead.

For those nights where you seek to emphasize applied glitter or sequins (Yes, for the eyes!). Recommendations: Smashbox Be Discovered Eye Shadow Palette and Dior Backstage Eyeliners-ready-to-wear. Remember use Illuminators in the corners of your eyes to more light.

It coordinates with the rest of your face

When you have small eyes, it is essential to keep your eyebrows defined and polished. If possible shaves the closest to the eye area (of course, without losing the natural) and applies illuminator underneath the eyebrow bone.

Learn how to master the art of the corrector. Dark circles tend to make little ones eyes; It is therefore essential that cover any imperfections with corrective make-up or base. While more ‘partner’ look your skin, more light give you to your look.

Don’t be afraid to focus on other areas such as lips or cheeks. In fact, if you take him out to the shape of your face, your eyes could highlight even more. The illuminating powder or liquid, in strategic places, are almost necessary. A favorite? Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearls.

Avoid them!

Are shown slimming black. If your eyes are small, avoid it at all costs (unless you’ve selected is outlined in). The “Smokey Eyes” heavy, matte and delineated shadows at the lower lashes will make your eyes disappear as if by magic.

If yours is the natural or “washed face” makeup, it is time that you reconsider it. Apply two coats of black mascara on upper lashes you will not remove long and will increase you your eyes centimeters.

Thick and bushy eyebrows are still fashion but attempts to get rid of the vellitos near the eye. This “space” will make them larger in the eyes of others.