Shot On iPhone 6: Video Parodied Apple’s Camera Campaign

Apple’s current advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone 6” presents some breathtaking shots that users have created with their iPhone 6, to praise the excellent camera features of the Smartphone as a result. In a YouTube video, the idea of advertising is pulled sound through the cocoa.

The advertisement is similar to the campaign “Shot on iPhone 6” in sequence and kind, but differs significantly in their content. While enlisted in the original Apple spots especially with innocuous scenes of nature and sport, pretty much anything goes wrong during the shooting in the parody.

Apple’s Advertising Methods Are Taken On The Grain

So this is is is moving in slow motion on the photographer to – scared of the next moment like a stalker by a disgruntled mother to see a toddler, in the first scene about. The other scenes are full of mishaps with unexpected twists, or are suddenly from one emerging corpulent man in undershirt, biting into too unsavory way in a hallway.

The parody might also amusing – actually, the made good satire is a protest: in a statement to the video the author denounces the promotional methods of the iPhone group and claims as well as nobody, iPhone 6 would produce videos on his, like Apple reveals. The current advertising campaign will again give a distorted reality. If Apple really ordinary shots, they would probably resemble those in the parody, the author believes. By the way, it is not the first parody of the Werbekampgagne.