Shorts With Long Blouse – Black And White

Today I do something different than usual… No, of course not quite.First and foremost, I’ve brought one of my groundbreaking outfits, which I’ve combined with all my creativity just for you.

 Yes, of course!But today I have not only shorts and a white long blouse for you. No, this Sunday I’ll take a look back … The week was so crazy crazy that I’m really glad that she is coming to an end today.

Although the week on Monday really great started. The summer had already started and I was still working on the YUPIK Infodays after my day at the office… There were a lot of different brands showing their novelties or their label and I like such events. I am simply a mega-curious person and it is a great pleasure for me to entertain myself with such different people at these fairs. I find this very exciting. The opportunity to speak with a molecular biologist of Orthomol is not so common to me. A very entertaining and entertaining conversation… I also associate with Orthomol very positive memories because I had taken this during my pregnancy.

Bath Foam And Matcha

From the existence of pharmacy cosmetics Rugard by Dr. Scheffler I have experienced there for the first time and with the help of a very experienced beautician with Luvos-Heilerde a hand care including peeling and massage enjoyed. In addition, I have sniffed myself through the new bath additive offer from Tetesept and very attentively watched how to make Matcha tea. There is definitely a re-reading. The location of the event was the beautiful Lenbach-Palais in Munich and the team of YUPIK really spoiled its guests-a totally delicious buffet and fine drinks-which I unfortunately could not enjoy as much as I could for the literary matcha consume Would have done…  A wizard, who has conjured with the help of his tablet (sounds totally crazy and that was it), caused for distraction, with the many input one has got. Because the other guests were also very interesting… Mainly freelance journalists from well-known print magazines… I always find this particularly exciting… And: The Infodays of YUPIK are in several cities. So was my bloggerfreundin Valérie in Hamburg and wrote yesterday at life40up about it.

Bad Luck

Not so doll was then however the further course of the last week… Grmpf… and although the weather had finally brought us a few summer days. That was one of my teeth completely the same and I had to go to the dentist of my trust (for me the best in the world) a root treatment over me and in itself would give me that unpleasant experiences in a week. But where do we think, if then g’scheit… So I have on Thursday still quite involuntarily on my Po posed and on the way down I have cleanly the elbow, which is immediately swelled to twice the size… tztztz…. So please do not let the association irritate… But the great evening mood on Thursday had to be used simply for photos.

The Weather Spins!

And the weather? That spins! In any case, this summer period was much too tiny-if I believe the weather forecast, then we expect today again 16 degrees… What? 16 degrees Celsius??? But well-I never wanted to complain about the weather… Then that’s just so… so you can not be irritated by my summer outfit now and if today snow is lying outside… then that is just like that. But please-for the weather I’m not responsible, that is really me now. O:-)

Shorts And Longbluse-Black And White

But enough of looking back… now is looking forward again. As already reported, I spend a few days in the southern summer sun and I have prepared some surprises for you: there will be something for the relaxation to win and a supermega offer for my current favorite cosmetics brand… Jaaaa, this will be great and is Extra and exclusively for you. But before you get ready to celebrate Sunday, you have to look at the groundbreaking outfit. As I said, we had already summer this week and I was glad that I could finally wear shorts again… For 34 degrees a really perfect piece of clothing and with the Longbluse the federation then also no longer so auf… So I could post this With the words “How to integrate a dressing best into their stylish outfit?” Or: “A long blouse harmonizes perfectly with an injury on the arm” After all, I am certainly not the only one who is involuntarily on the pants floor and mumbling We look in the ceiling and look series or something… Happy Sunday loved all…

…a long blouse can be worn very well closed according to ANYBLOUSES. I had shown this in March with a spring look. This outfit would actually fit better to today’s weather.

Trousers: Hallhuber-small shorts I have unfortunately found none, but has a floor with a wonderful stripes-hello strip  (Affiliatelink) …