Short Front and Rear Long Dresses

Hello, how are you? Well i hope you are well. In this new article you speak costumes short front and extended back. As this type of dresses are also known as asymmetric dresses and can be used in different types of parties already are that they are made on the day or at night. Also keep in mind that these costumes make every woman look sexy, original and very beautiful.

Asymmetrical dresses look tips

  • He is that your legs are impeccable because with an asymmetric dress you will show them. A few days before i recommend exfoliate them and apply a moisturizer.
  • Also keep in mind thatshoes be noticed, so try to choose with elegant design and with high heels to make you look stylish.
  • Also remember matchaccessories simple to not remove the main protagonist dress.
  • With an asymmetrical dress, it is best to take the loose hair or a semi-recogido.

Long back and short front evening dresses

Blue evening dress

Original costume blue v-neck heart, rhinestones, and asymmetric skirt. And it goes perfectly with fashion and silver accessories.

Silver and white evening dress

Delicate costume in silver and white with sweetheart, sleeveless, and asymmetric skirt.ideal for a quinceañera.

Dark blue evening dress

Beautiful costume in dark blue with sparkles, neckline heart, slightly wide cummerbund, and asymmetric skirt. Ideal for going to a not so formal wedding.

Evening dress golden

Neckline elegant jumpsuit in golden colour with glare, word of honor, and asymmetric skirt. This costume is also ideal for a wedding to attend.

Red evening dress

Modern costume in red with strapless, sleeveless, and asymmetric skirt with ruffles. Ideal for attending a gala party.

Lace evening dress

Original costume in black and beige lace, neckline heart, and asymmetric skirt.聽this costume is also ideal for attending a gala party.

Dresses short later and extended back for day festivities

Asymmetrical dress coral color

Delicate dress in coral color with a little wide straps, belt fine beige, and asymmetric skirt.ideal for going to a day not so formal party.

Blue asymmetric dress

Elegant suit in blue with thin straps, crewneck, lacrimal neckline in the back, black belt, and asymmetric skirt.

Asymmetric dress with floral print

Beautiful costume in yellow patterned flowers, wide straps, v-neck on the back, belted waist, and asymmetric skirt.

Dress asymmetrical green mint

Delicate and beautiful costume in green mint with v-neckline, a little wide straps, belt fine red, and simple asymmetrical skirt.

Asymmetrical dress yellow

Modern costume in yellow, spaghetti-strap, and asymmetric skirt. Ideal for going to any day.