Shoes For The Summer

Espadrilles: The sole consists mostly of braided grasses, and the upper material of linen. It is the ideal shoe for those who are not particularly satisfied with their feet and usually make a bow around sandals, because in the espadrilles, your foot will be super-ventilated unless you wear socks. Matching pants made of linen!

Boots: The Maritime has returned! Usually made of leather (upper material) and a synthetic sole, they often fall through contrast-rich seams, eyelets on the sides and lacing through genuine leather tapes.A short, washed out jeans and a casual shirt complete the style.Also here: socks are taboo!

Linenshoes: Similar to the espadrilles, the upper material is made of linen, but usually has a rubber sole and lacing, which makes the whole shoe as well as wearing a bit more stable. Ideal for summer bike trips.The possibilities to combine are almost inexhaustible, just try it out!

Sandals: What was still perfectly normal in the 80s, is now somewhat mocking. But the modern man is wearing sandals again, not just since this summer. Beautiful men’s sandals are now available from many trendy labels. Try it and be courageous, worn with conviction you are only envious!

Flip-flops: They’ve been part of the summer, like a Michalsky for fashion week. This has also understood larger labels and now lead flip-flops with leather footbed. These are also a little more expensive than normal, but they also last longer than just a summer.

What shoes are your favorite summer shoes? -Share your opinion as always in the comments.