Scottish Football Glasgow Rangers

Glasgow Rangers are a football club from Scotland. The original name of the football club Rangers F.c.. The Club was founded in 1873 and included with the football club Celtic FC among the top clubs in Scotland. Both clubs are in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland.

Glasgow Rangers

Glasgow Rangers is one of the largest clubs in Scotland.The Club was founded in 1873 and its original name: Rangers Football Club. The owner of the Club’s Craig Whyte, a Scottish businessman. The Club is located in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow Rangers has won the world record with the most Championships. This Club has a whopping won 54 Championship, see price list. Some nickname of the football club is the Gers, Teddy bears and light Blues. The Club plays its home matches at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow. The stadium has a capacity of about 51 000 spectators. The stadium is the stadium for the Rangers since 1899. Glasgow Rangers plays in the Scottish First Division and with Celtic FC taste of competition. The contest consists of 12 football clubs who play all 33 games in a season.

Price list

The following table shows when and what tournament Glasgow Rangers won through to 2011:
* In 1975, there are no real winners and his Glasgow Rangers and Celtic FC will be named as the winner
The following table shows when and with what tournament Glasgow Rangers 2nd has become to 2011: