Scarf and Scarf, How to Tie?

Winter is here and more than give a style to more on the look, the scarf and scarves meet the warm function giving a bit more comfortable. The scarf is usually made of wool. The scarves are made with fine fabrics and are fresher, not heat up as much as the scarf.

But for those who think it’s just play around your neck and still walk away, get ready to discover new ways to use. Are many possibilities. I separated the most common demonstrated step by step. Something important is if muffler is too thick, it may be that some anchors don’t get too good as they may be very bulky.

At the end of the post is a video complete with many ways to use your scarf or handkerchief. Worth checking out, it’s pretty simple to understand, just follow the movements of the girl.

Scarf, scarves and the like

  1. start with the handkerchief or scarf centered in your neck.
  2. Take one end and turn around on the other as in the image.
  3. Do the same thing with the other end. Pass it over and between the other end.
  4. adjust the loop.
  1. fold the ends in order to form something like a triangle.
  2. Tie a knot in one end.
  3. Tie the back of the neck by adjusting the height.
  1. fold the scarf or handkerchief in half and Center back neck.
  2. Take the end with both ends and pass through the hoop that formed at the other end.
  3. adjust
Back inside
  1. fold the scarf or handkerchief in the Middle
  2. Center it in the neck
  3. thread the ends through the loop
  4. pull the same end and slide it inside the neckline
  5. pass it back inside herself
  6. adjust.
Loose Tie
  1. Wrap it around your neck
  2. pass one end under the other
  3. Adjust the height

Mix animal prints and textures. Can be used both in front as ago, is your criterion. Otra tip is to wrap the part which is the neck to give a different effect.

Double Turn
  1. start with the handkerchief or scarf centered in your neck.
  2. From the back with the ends around your neck and braid the ends on the front.
  3. Take a lap around the neck and let each loose end in front of the body.

Use a scarf or handkerchief with a piece stamped or colored outside.

  1. fold two tissues in the Middle
  2. Center the back of the head
  3. Take one end and pass loop coming over
  4. Take the other end and pass loop, this time coming in below
  5. adjust the node.

Choose two different color scarves. How are two, maybe you find it difficult to do with scarves if they are thick, or be very volume.


  1. Join the ends of the scarf
  2. Us both.
  3. open the tissue and forms a circle
  4. place the scarf around your neck with the US rear-facing
  5. Twist the scarf on the back of the neck
  6. pass the other half forward
  7. pull her inside the neck
  8. adjust

Mix prints with stripes.

  1. Center the scarf or handkerchief in front of your neck
  2. Go around the neck with the ends and make it loose the front forming a U
  3. Wring that U
  4. pass one end inside and above the U
  5. thread the other end inside but below the U
  6. pull to adjust.

This lashing is quite sophisticated and can be used with blazer or jacket closed, starting from the inside.

Other ways to use

To make it even easier to explanation, nothing like seeing how you do it. Then take a look at the videos below, has many different ways to tie a handkerchief or scarf.

Despite being in English, just reproduce the movements of the girl.

The video below shows 25 ways to tie scarves and handkerchiefs.