Sandals-What Do You Think?

Every summer the same discussion, today, just before most probably go on holiday, I would like to hear your opinion about sandals. While big fashion magazines and designers actually advertise sandals every summer, hardly any men can be seen on the street.

At this point I would like to note that flip-flops are again a separate category-one for the beach as I find. In the city or at work (apart from you are bartenders in the beach bar) flip-flops in my opinion have not lost anything, mostly they look outlapped and also give the name-giving flap-flap-flap sounds.

Now again back to the sandals: There are countless shapes from countless materials in countless colors. At the moment, we find, as I find, even quite well served: The sandals of leather in the Roman style look much better than the outdoor trekking equipment of past years. But no matter: I asked for you a little in my circle of acquaintances and the clear majority was of opinion: sandals? A NoGo! “They always remind me of some Birkenstock shoes at home,” a buddy said.

Okay, the benefits are clear: significantly more air and thus significantly less sweat on the feet. And in combination with an appropriate hairstyle, a decent beard and linen shirt, the Robinson Crusoe look can also come quite cool.

If you have this look but not, sandals usually simply tremendously unmanageable. In addition, there is another big problem that also has to be worn with flip flops: Men naturally have no nice feet (Clearly, one plays football, skatet…) and are cultivated these mostly not at all. What a smile in the summer from some sandals smiles … Then prefer stink feet in shoes!

My recommendation as an alternative: Espandrilles or similar shoes of linen, which cover the feet and yet breathe. I especially like models with suggested lacing like this:

What do you think? Walking sandals? Can you wear flip-flops outside the beach? And do you care for your feet?